Skill Survey Report 2016

The fourth Skills Study for the project IsDB-BISEW IT Scholarship Project comprises of a survey based study of fifty-seven employers, chosen through stratified random sampling across the ICT industry and other organizations having separate ICT departments. This report is a summary of the main findings and includes information on employers’ needs for ICT skills over a range of technology areas.

As its name suggests, the study focused on professional level ICT skills rather than generic computer skills. This is an important measure because it relates to skills being imparted to the trainees of the IsDB-BISEW ICT Scholarship Project. It is vital that the ICT Scholarship Project produces skills and competencies that are in demand among the employers in our country as well as in the international job markets.

Scope of the Study

For the purpose of this study, a distinction has been made between Professional Level computer skills and Use Level computer skills. This study focusses only those skills need voiced by the ICT products/services producing companies and also the needs existing in ICT service consuming organizations. The skills discussed here pertain only to those competencies which are required by information technology practitioners. The study does not focus on User Level computer skills that are in demand in any modern-day working environment equipped with computes.

Sample for Survey

Stratified random sampling was carried out in this study. The sample sizes used for the two categories were as follows:

Type A: ICT Products/Service Producers 52
Type B: ICT Products/Service Users 5

Survey Method, Instruments and Procedures Employed

A questionnaire-based survey was conducted for the purpose of this study. Four types of questionnaires were used in the survey. These questionnaire types correspond to the following domains:

Type Questionnaire Type Domain (Sub-Categories)
Type A Software Development & Services Software Application Developing and Integration Companies
Networking, Hardware & Telecommunication Network and Data Communication Solution Providers and System Integrators
Graphics, Animation & Video-Editing ICT-Enabled Service Providers (ITeS)
Type B Non-ICT Organizations ICT Products/Service Users